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quote secretary argument like we heard during the campaign. and obamacare is rolling out in many parts of the country and not fully implemented, but you have a lot of small business owners and large business owners worried about the implementation of the affordable care act. one of those the ceo of home depot who has to deal with a lot of part-time employees and full-time employees and home depot is one of the companies, you go to home depot sort of like starbucks, you go, you have a lot of people who want to work there for a long time because it's a great company and provides great benefits,
quote and subsequent to this administration, but obamacare is the capper, the bullet it the temper. >> tucker: the bullet to the temple, keep in mind the unemployment rate is consistently high. 80% since we've had an unemployment rate this high this long and the question is why haven't recovered from the recession? >> we haven't spent enough. >> tucker: we've regulated a lot of businesses into not hiring, why is it worth it for home depot, starbucks, by the way, big supporters of the united states, and hiring full-time when each comes with a list of mandates and costs, it's not. so they don't. >> and feel like the federal government is not helping them at all unless they're giving $500,000 to a campaign they're not getting any real help
, on the other hand, we have 6000 employees across our businesses. obamacare has been an incredible issue of consternation for us. the health care costs that we are incurring are incredible. the conversations we have with this new law and the conversations we have fundamentally if the business is having issues, it will be harder for us to maintain the job count that we want. it will be harder for us to hire folks. those are realities that we live with as business owners. difficult issue for us to just say, we are excited that obamacare is here. on the other hand, i have visited emergency rooms. you -- go to an emergency room on a saturday evening in a major urban center and that will be enough for you to say, we need something to change. >> obamacare is a very positive development to urban areas? -- that public health systems provided services to everyone, including the undocumented. as should be the case with an institution that is dedicated to caring for the most vulnerable populations in society. having said that, the strain placed on the public health system is very significant. one t
/11 and unraveling of obamacare continues. they announce a train wreck amid reports amongst congressional colleagues may exempt themselves. >> paul: welcome to the journal editorial report. i'm paul gigot as we continue to learn more about the two suspects in the boston marathon bombing. a clearer picture is emerging from tamerlan tsarnaev as a young man who increasingly radicalized while living in the u.s. something people warned is a new face of terror in america. he is the author of the 2007 nypd report, radicalization in the west, the home-grown threat. mitchell, welcome to the program. so the u.s. officials are describing the tamerlan tsarnaev as having under gone a self-radicalization. what does that mean to you? >> i think when they refer to self-radicalization they mean he wasn't radicalized by some outside group. there wasn't some type of ideologue who was physically in boston leading him along. no longer do you need to have a person in place or a group to radicalize somebody but you rather all through the internet and a virtual internet sanctioner. >>> many of these people are unremarkable
't miss it. gerri: hello, everybody. [laughter] confusion over obamacare. >> they will comply. gerri: is it working? home prices and higher. but for how long? is the market overheating again? and a new warning over food safety. what you need to do now to protect yourself. "the willis report" is on the case. ♪ gerri: our top story tonight, obamacare falling apart? plenty of evidence piling up that seems to point to just that that is not stopping the president from using the bully pulpit today to proclaim his signature legislation is already making it the lives of the majority of americans even better. >> 85-90 percent of americans who already have health insurance, it has already happened. and the only impact is that their insurance is stronger, better, more secure than it was before it. gerri: we have a terrific panel tonight to talk about this. the ceo of vital spring's technology. senior fellow of the manhattan institute. the president of adp national accounts services. welcome. great to have you here. i will start with you. the president said this is a great program for people w
with the purse to say we will knock this out. we're going to get rid of obamacare. that is the way you can get rid of it, put it on as an amendment to one of the must pass spending measures and is gone. >> do you trust the speaker on gun-control legislation? >> of that and not inspire a lot of confidence. -- that did not inspire a lot of confidence. confidencenstill when he says he's waiting for the senate before he has his own agenda. that seems odd to me. it seems republicans ought to be pushing. they have their own majority. the house won by a greater margin. not to be driving forward on an agenda, what kind of leadership is that? >> what would you like him to stay? >> will put an end to obamacare. the government will not shut down. that is such a misnomer. the government will slow down to size.57% of its current it is certainly not going to lock up and go away. >> what do you wanted to say on gun legislation? ofhe can put a repeal obamacare on as a condition of continuing the spending here in washington. he could secure the problem just like that. >> how is obamacare an invasion of privacy
will obamacare go and how will it be received? >> it will be a rough go in the beginning. i look at massachusetts as a model. what happened in massachusetts, for couple of years, people were very unhappy with it, it had very low ratings, and then after it got established and people got insurance, they love it. >> they also have trouble seeing doctors after a while. >> they have, but compared to what they had, they love it. the ratings are very high. >> insurance rates are going up, already money problems with it. fiscally, it does not work because it did not reform the fundamental system that provides health care. until you do that, it is not going to work. you cannot just provide more care, you have to control the cost of care. obamacare did not do that. there are things in the bill that might do it, but it did not do it enough. inthe question is, what is it for us? for the nation, it is different. you have seen a number of republican governors who were opposed to obamacare coming around with the idea that doing something with the medicaid part of the program, that they are being pressured to do
and then sent to civilian court. when we come back, as the roll out continues, is obamacare unraveling? one of the chief arc tektsd seems to think so. he is predicting a train wreck and getting off before the crash. can you get o oh, boy. [ groans ] ♪ ♪ [ engine revs ] ♪ [ man ] excuse me miss. [ gasps ] this fiber one 90 calorie brownie has all the deliciousness you desire. the brownie of your dreams is now deliciously real. and "up to 75% lower copays." as a preferred pharmacy, walgreens can save you as much as 75% compared to other select pharmacies. walgreens, at the corner of happy and healthy. ♪ ♪ >> paul: well, who could blame them. political website reporter that congressional leaders from both parties have been in secret negotiations to exempt themselves and their aides from obamacare exchanges. harry reid flatly kenz this comment as one of chief arc tickets announces his retirement but not before issuing this warning to kathleen sebelius about the healthcare's roll out. >> i ee a huge train wreck. i don't see any results yet. what can you do to help all these people arou
the broadcast. we will be right back. >> not just the trillion dollar price tag obamacare has other problems to but you wouldn't know it by watching though liberal mainstream media. next. market hit another all-time record high. wall street veteran joins us to tell us what the market has in store. with the spark miles card from capital one, bjorn earns unlimited rewas for his small business take theseags to room 12 please. [ garth ] bjors small busiss earns double miles on every purchase every day. produce delivery. [ bjorn ] just put it on my spark card. [ garth why settle for less? ahh, oh! [ garth ] great businesses deserve limited reward here's your wake up call. [ male announcer ] get the spark business card from capital one and earn unlimited rewards. choose double miles or 2% cash back on every purchase every day. what's in your wallet? [ crows ] now where's the snooze button? lou: the dow hits a record closing high as earnings season is under way. to give a perspective of what happened today the dow jones industrials' record high equities putting together the first back-to-back teams
patients and that is blamed on the sequester. but obamacare will hire tens of thousands of high-paid navigators who will guide you through the new health care system. cuts here, spend there, welcome to the health care mess. please don't forget your stocks, the hint that ben may slow down printing, but don't despair, print pressing will keep rolling. "varney & company," we're about to begin. [ indistinct shouting ] [ male announcer ] time and sales data. split-second stats. [ indistinct shouting ] ♪ it's so close to the options floor... [ indistinct shouting, bell dinging ]'ll bust your brain box. ♪ all onhinkorswim from td ameritrade. ♪ >> but we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it away from the fog of the controversy. stuart: ladies and gentlemen, the fog, yes, the fog is lifting. and here is another thing we've found in the bill. starting october 1st, tens of thousands of health care professionals, union workers, community activists will act as navigators to help people choose under the different options under obamacare and they will be p
the enactment of something that would have been way to the left of obamacare, a british national health service style of national health care that was being supported by the truman administration. they didn't have a lot of public opinion on their side. they didn't have a friendly president. they had a very hostile president in harry truman who was a firm believer in the new deal consensus. but nevertheless, they were successful. one reason, however, why their work has not been replicated very often is that politically they were the least successful. ronald reagan was reelected, the republicans held the senate during the reagan years until the 986 elections -- 1986 elections. after the gingrich elections, republicans controlled house until the 2006 elections, so they had the house for 12 years and the senate for most of that time period. the do-nothing congress was voted out in the very next election. [laughter] but in terms of actually saving this country from a a much bigger government and making it possible for us to even have the debates we were having with reagan and gingrich, i don't think
. tonight on "the willis report," the obamacare scam artists, fraud taking advantage of the law to take advantage of you. also, the new push to get rid of america's favorite tax breaks. is congress trying to kill the mortgage tax deduction, and spending less for your college education? you can do it. we're on the case tonight on "the willis report." ♪ gerri: all that and more coming up. first tonight, our top story. listen to this. they passed obamacare, but now congress wants an exception from it. lawmakers holding biparn secret meetings to find a way to exempt themselves and their staffs from part of president obama's health care law. with more on this, senior fellow at the manhattan institute. you know, can you say hypocrisy? look, these are the people who passed the legislation. they think it's good enough for us, but not good enough for them. what do you think of it? >> well, you know, a lot of people on the hill are scared because a lot of the staffers, particularly, who work for congress, they are young. one of the things about obama care is it dramatically drives up the cost o
, an alternative to obamacare. good news: everything is covered in-network. [laughter] bad news: the network is nbc. [laughter] then, a new way to celebrate earth day. if you're a planet, you won't want to miss it. [laughter] and my guest, sigourney weaver, is starring in a new broadway show based on chekhov. i didn't know she was in "star trek!" [laughter] this is not "the colbert report." april fools-- this is "the colbert report." [cheers and applause] ["the colbert report" theme music playing] [cheers and applause] [crowd chanting stephen] thank you so much. thank you very much. thank you very much. [cheers and applause] thank you. excellent job. for just a moment there folks, it looked like you were about to drop the ball in mid juggle but you got it back. [laughter] good to have you with us, everybody. folks, i hope you all had a blessed easter, full of chocolate bunnies and chocolate eggs and chocolate hams. [laughter] i didn't enjoy easter this year. and neither did this friend of mine named jesus. [laughter] tell 'em why, fox. >> a growing controversy this hour for google. >> the search en
by trying to exempt itself from obamacare while you are stuck paying the bills? the latest on the health care controversy next. ♪ >>> so president obama's health care legislation is so awful that even members of his own party were trying to get out of it. the reports are swirling about lawmakers having hush, hush talks about whether they think it is okay for members of congress and most of their aids to be exempt from portions of obamacare. americans obviously don't have that luxury. and when this was first revealed in a political article on friday, america said not so fast, sunshine. and now they are backpedaling. >> i would have to stay up with the best political minds to think of more disasters than this. i cannot get it. i don't understand it. one other time it happened was when they shut government down and congress exempted themselves and they took a lot of heat for that. what did they think they were going to do? sneak it into the midnight bill? >> i think everyone who always say if congress is going to pass a law, everyone else will have to deal with it. obamacare is so bad for
was asked about obamacare and he is still trying to defend it. >> a huge chunk has is been implemented. even if we do things perfectly, there will be glitches and bumps if we stay with it, we understand our long term objective, in a country as wealthy as ours, nobody should go bankruptcy. if they get sick we people and save money over the long term. >> dana: that was president obama this morning. another great position when you have to explain to people that you are still relevant. it happened in april of 1995 when bill clinton said, i have a lot of left to do. >> greg: why does he bring up the juice? >> dana: why does he bring up steroids. why does he need to take steroids? i found that whole press conference kind of like a halloween bag full of stuff that he put out there. everybody is asking questions. i think his strategy is to bore you to tears. all the stuff he is talking about is fairly dangerous stuff. you are talking about obamacare which nobody even knows is being implemented. 40% doesn't know because the press stopped covering it. once it got implemented, they went yeah and the ba
. we're not replacing that person because i don't know what have to deal with, with obamacare. i have to make sure i protect my other employees because they get private insurance so we know what it is, and if it was sequestration, sequestration was mr. obama's idea. so one way or another why doesn't the president take credit for what is happening and give us some leadership to turn it around? >> craig you hit on it earlier in the answer. it wasn't 2% -- may have something to do with the 2% earners getting their taxes raised. it was the payroll tax. the payroll tax increase hit every american. i wasn't just the top 2%. >> you bet. absolutely. and always said, that means that thousand dollars average person, now all of a sudden they can't have the night out where they go down to grab a pizza or a movie show. that means that the restaurant owner can't hire more people or maybe even have to lay somebody off. but you know, when i saw the statistic today that i'm sure you saw, 663,000 people left the work force in march. that now puts it 90 million people have left the work force. 9.4 milli
. obamacare implementation, we can't touch that even though senator reid says we might not find a cure for cancer. nothing on from the president on the pain his administration is imposing on us and congress packs its bags, they're on vacation next week. stocks, gold, they can care less, they're going up again today. and "varney & company" is about to begin. told him two things -- cook what you love, and save your money. joe doesn't know it yet, but he'll work his way up from busser to waiter to chef bere opening a restaurant specializing in fish and game from the greatorthwest. he'll start investing early, he'll find se good people to help guide him, and he'll set money aside from his first day of work his last, which isn't rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade. >> your government making the cuts as visible as can be this thursday morning. first this, legal proceedings against the surviving boston bomb suspect may be delayed. the appointed defendants of dzhokhar tsarnaev if furloughs. and it will cost you, the taxpayer millions of dollars. and here is another exam
is a obamacare and people who profit from the complex tax code. >> the affordable care act means big changes this year when you file your taxes. i read the whole 900 pages. are you still sleeping? just wanted to check and make sure that we were on schedule. the first technology of its kind... mom and dad, i have great news. is now providing answers families need. siemens. answers. john: i understand i have to pay taxes but i resent this sneaky taxes, a hidden fees on my phone bill and electric bill now we will hit by news sneaky taxes as part of obamacare. may be thought that was funded by drug companies but you will pay more although there has not been much publicity says john merline writing for investors business daily. what is hidden? >> 21 separate tax hikes. most of then you won't see they are headed in various ways. but if you have a flexible spending account which millions of americans do tax-free money you can spend on health care also called coal savings a medical savings account obamacare limit set at $2,500 to anybody who was putting $5,000 into flexible spending will pay more ta
>> the secret tax is a obamacare and people who profit from the complex tax code. >> the affordable care act means big changes this year when you file your taxes. i read the whole 900 pages. john: i understand i have to pay taxes but i resent this sneaky taxes, a hidden fees on my phone bill and electric bill now we will hit by news sneaky taxes as part of obamacare. may be thought that was funded by drug companies but you will pay more although there has not been much publicity says john merline writing for investors business daily. what is hidden? >> 21 separate tax hikes. most of then you won't see they are headed in various ways. but if you have a flexible spending accot which millions of americans do tax-free money you can spend on health care also called coal savings a medical savings account obamacare limit set at $2,500 to anybody who was putting $5,000 into flexible spending wl pay more taxes next year but they won't know why but then realized they have a smaller deduction. they also have limits on what you can use that the flexible spending account on. obamacare says you can spend
thinking was, it was my understanding and perhaps incorrect, that the obamacare sort of decided, resolved a lot of our healthcare issues, sluggish use about medicare. now i see in the president's proposal all these sort of changes in medicare, all the tacks and thing going up and benefits fits going down and i harken back to the president say if you like what you have before it will keep everything. and now i see it chipping away and i see all sorts of different different things, decreases in payments to medical medicare providers. >> that's right. >> why are we seeing obamacare almost being managed through a budget proposal or am i wrong about that? >> you are right about that. i think this is what the world looks like under obamacare s changed medicare and medicaid and then created obamacare. what obamacare did to medicare is it took $715 billion from medicare to spend on obamacare and put a new word in charge, putting price controls on medicare providers, which leads to denied access. now in addition to that, in this budget they are calling for about $400 billion more in price controls
for the health care law problem? why is the group pushing obamacare say we need another health care bil water. i'm jamie colby. keep it right here on the fox news channel. back to bulls and bears. >> tracy: so another week another health care law bombshell. first, a white house official blaming republican governors for delaying implementing the law and it turns out the health insurance exchanges are going to cost twice as much as initially thought and now the group who created obamacare will help tackle rising medical costs, huh? gary b, was the original law supposed to lower costs and take care of everything? >> exactly, tracy. it falls under that umbrella that the great ronald reagan said, the nine words to hear, i'm with the government and i'm here to help. you said the figures are doubled. they're going to be at least ten times. why? when medicare was started, it was projected to be about 12 billion dollars cost in 1990. instead, in 1990, it was 107 billion dollars. like every other government program, whether it's built in a parking lot at the kennedy center or the big dig, the cost overrun
big government. my take on that as it applies to obamacare is next. with fidelity's new options platform, we've completely integrated every step of the process, making it easier ttry filters and strategies... to get a list of equity option.. evaluate them with our p&l calculator... and execute faster with our more intuitive trade ticket. i'm greg stevens and i helped create fidelity's options platform. it's one more innovative reason serious investors are choosing fidelity. now get 200 free trades when you open an account. >> the california bullet train an expensive bureaucratic boondoggle in my opinion. the cost has doubled from the initial estimate and the whole project is going on trial. will they stop it before a single piece of track is laid. the inside story at the top of the hour and also, we have the number. how much in government assistance did the boston terror suspects and their family receive? it's a big number and you will know it at the >> i really can't remember any legislation that's brought such predictions of gloom and doom and produced such chaos from both s
behind cap-and-trade. person who was willing to kind of play perhaps not pram, obamacare. if they feel it's not the way to get ahead politically we'll see less big republicanism over time. it's not trying to frustrate domestic agenda because conservatives want or incorrigible or contrary that we have an opportunity to maybe fight big government in a way that people understand there are reasons that will benefit them. the prosperity. the checkbook at the end of the day. i think one sort of telling republican leader who i talk about in my book is paul ryan. i think paul ryan, chairman of the house budget committee really demonstrates the disconnect between the aspirations of the g.o.p. and the actual track record of the g.o.p. i paul ryan a lot of credit for being almost alone and talk about the need for entitlement reform when you know the political reaction shoving grandmother off the cliff in a wheelchair. and i think that when you look at the long-term of the final destination of where things like the road map and the path to prosperity will take you. medicare part d. he was instrumenta
means you have been struck. 13,000. john: government mess. >> obamacare is working. >> this is a simple, strong, good thing. john: and then there is free-market. >> my cell phone, my e-mail address. >> the long-term players in the medical business need to be pushed to a new way of looking at things. john: well will be the new way? government? free-market? and what happens when the conflict? >> thereof the criminal. >> are you still there? john: i hope so. any hint to treat my dog. will that be legal? free-market medicine. that is our show tonight. ♪ >> and now john stossel. john: parts of our health care delivery system do need fixing. a worker still locked to their jobs because they get their health insurance from their job. no one knows what anything costs, even doctors don't know. as a result, everything costs more. obamacare does not even address those problems. it is supposed to solve all kinds of other problems. >> you have turned, mr. president, the right of every american to have access to decent health care into reality for the first time in american history. john: yippee. ob
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 453 (some duplicates have been removed)